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Posted: 05 Jun 2007 09:25 PM PDT

recopilacion de marcas y modelos
From: alanmanc
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Tobi Virtual Dressing Room” y 2 mas

Tobi Virtual Dressing Room” y 2 mas

Tobi Virtual Dressing Room

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 04:33 PM PST

We are always looking for new and fun ways to make shopping with us more personal. If you've ever wondered, "How will this look on me?" We've got you covered! Grab your webcam and visit our virtual dressing room to try on hundreds of our dresses. This feature will simply overlay dresses onto live video of you. Now, you can have your very own fashion show with the privacy and convenience of online shopping. Need a second opinion? Take a snapshot of yourself in your favorite dress and share it with friends on Facebook, or email them for their feedback! Enter Virtual Dressing Room or Chat With Us - www.tobi.com Find out more - http Follow us on Twitter - www.twitter.com Become a fan of Tobi - www.facebook.com
From: shoptobi
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Jimmy James - Fashionista

Posted: 18 Jan 2007 11:52 PM PST

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Fashionista - Jimmy James - Diavolo veste Prada by Jostylish DVJ

Posted: 25 Jan 2009 04:07 PM PST

Fashionista di Jimmy James con montaggio di scene tratte da "Il diavolo veste Prada", by Jostylish DVJ
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Beijing Fashionista” y 1 mas

Beijing Fashionista” y 1 mas

Beijing Fashionista

Posted: 26 Jan 2011 09:18 PM PST

In this episode Sufei meets Beijing`s fashion elite when she is invited to take her turn on the catwalk at the annual Fashionista party. Who will be crowned the Queen the Beijing`s fashion scene?
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A Harvey Nichols Christmas - the fashionista's must have accessory

Posted: 13 Dec 2010 04:51 AM PST

Harvey Nichols wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. Although Dogs Trust was not involved with this video we fully support the charity's famous slogan: A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas. To see their Christmas message please go to: www.adogisforlife.com www.harveynichols.com
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